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Bringing heaven to your communities and neighbourhoods.

Let you kingdom come. (Matthew 6:10)
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This is for any person who wishes to walk their neighbourhood and talk to Jesus about it, watching their progress and the progress of others. So you can group together with friends or just on your own. You don't need to be part of a denomination. Your prayers are between you and Father God.

If you want to join this work, please download the application (Break The Ground - see below for links) from Android, Amazon (for older Android phones) or Apple Stores, once you have registered the app on line it will give you a code that allows you create a login and to see what has been covered here.

The app sends your walk to the database, which is then displayed on the map. All the data is stored as anonymously so you will not be able to identify who has walked even if you do hack the database (which is held securly and anonymously on our servers). Your login and password are held, but there is no corelation between this and the data.

If you have any concerns, please contact us using the contact form provided.

For the time being this is only to selected 'beta' testers. If you wish to participate please leave a message on the 'Contact us' form
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